Oct 2, 2007

Santa Cruz Monarch Butterflies

Starting now, the Santa Cruz Butterflies have started to land in Natural Bridges State Park. Every year, Monarch butterflies swarm a really really small area of land during their migration. Really, the area that they land in is probably the size of the infield of a baseball field. The totally amazing part is that these butterflies have never been here before. Their parent's parents have, but since the lifespan of a butterfly is so short, their annual migration spans several generations. Nobody knows how they find their way to the exact same spot every year, but they do and it is amazing to see.

The butterflies start to arrive in October, but really start clustering in late October (a few weeks away) or November. The leave in January. Worth a trip if you are in the bay area. I was just down there on Sunday.


natural fiber and color said...

Hey, I remember when we were there!

JoAnn said...

I'm a monarch enthusiast in Texas. Can you give me more information about the CA butterflies? How far north do they go? How are your numbers? Last year the Central monarch migration was decimated, but this year numbers are up. However, we found caterpillars here in the fall, that is not usual. A friend just had one take off a couple of days ago. Hopefully it will get to Mexico, if that is where its going.