Nov 18, 2007

Maui, scuba, snorkeling at "The Aquarium"

This past week, I spent 4 days in Maui (smaller island of Hawaii). It was a Google organized trip for my particular team. About 5 of us organized a separate diving expedition during the trip where we became PADI Dive Certified and got to see some of the best diving areas in the world. We dove at Molokini and 5 Graves sites near the shore. Cody had an underwater housing for his camera and took some decent underwater photos, including a video of a small shark we saw swimming around. We dove with a company called B&B Scuba, highly recommended. We were the first out at Molokini both mornings, spent as much time underwater as we had air, and had lots of direct interaction with the instructors.

On Tuesday, we visited a place that the locals call "The Aquarium". MSN Maps has the best aerial view of the area, but I can't easily embed their tool in this blog, so here is a Google MyMaps view of how to get there (click on the markers and line to get descriptions):

Park at the end of S. Makena Road near La Perouse Bay, basically where the road dead ends. Then walk back along the road towards the north along the left side of the road, about 1/4 a mile. On your left side you will pass a private estate with barbed wire fence right along the road. You will see a few large wooden cylindrical water towers just off the road, you are getting close to the trailhead. Right where the barbed wire stops following the road and turns into the trees is the trailhead, it isn't marked, but hop over the rocks at the road and it is a clear trail and easy to follow. Once out on the lava rocks along the trail, there are a few spots where the trail is difficult to follow, look for white spray-painted lines on the rocks for guidance.


Kris said...

Hi! I happened across your blog entry through Google Blogsearch.

That trip of yours sounds like a major score, and being a "business trip" no less. =)

After reading about B&B SCUBA, I entered their information into the mapping system at If you want to leave your review of their operation or network with other divers, feel free to do so.

Have you planned your next dive trip yet? =)

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Greg said...

This last comment is a little self-promoting, but I felt pretty reasonable and on target, so I let it through. If Kris ever comes back and reads this, I went to your site to leave a review, but was turned off at the need to register with an account (and give up my email address no doubt) to be able to leave a review.

There are plenty of Open Id systems that will let you verify me as a unique user without me having to create an account, or you could just let me leave feedback not associated with an account/email address. Much lower barrier to entry.