Dec 31, 2007

Expiring Domains - Want them?

At one point in the long past (4 years ago?), I had the great idea of starting an dhtml'ish todo list service. I created some stuff that kinda worked, but never marketed it and never spent much time on it. I registered what I thought was a cute domain for this (and the plural):



I still own both domains, but they expire in March. I don't have much interest in renewing, but I would prefer for them not to end up in the terminal state of a spammy parked domain. If you, reader, are interested in these domains for non-nefarious purposes, even if you aren't sure you'll ever do much with them, drop me an email at ttebgunh@tznvy.pbz (rot13 encoded) and I'll give them to someone for "free" (really the cost of transferring, but basically free). In the off chance that I get more than one email, if you describe your plan for using them I'll pick the best one.

I'll wait at least 1 week from this post before selecting anyone, so you've got a little time. I'll update this post here (and reply to anyone who is interested) when they are gone.

1 comment:

Greg said...

Day 3, no bites. I thought it was a cute domain name :( . Or perhaps nobody knows how to rot13 decode text.