Dec 12, 2007

iPhone Geocaching

I bought an iphone not that long ago, and it seems to me that the one application that is begging to be written is a GeoCaching website specifically optimized for iphones. I know the iphone doesn't have GPS, but alot of GPS don't have internet connections or data/memory for showing the rest of the geocache data. It would save me from having to tote around my Axim which has lately stopped working so well. :(

Update 08/11/2008:
It seems lately that this topic is getting alot more attention. Somehow this blog post is #1 on google for the term [iphone geocaching] and I'm seeing alot of traffic for this term. There are still no good solutions as best as I can tell. I'm pretty interested in watching this space though, so I've created a knol to follow all of the current options. I'll keep the knol updated with any changes, so if you are interested bookmark or visit iPhone Geocaching on Knol.


Linux Monkey said...

I figured out a good solution this weekend, at least it's the best I can come up with until an actual GPX viewer for iPod touch comes out.

You can use Safari to load the html output from GSAK (or whatever program you use to convert GPX -> HTML) and browse it that way. I get around the Mobile Safari limitation of not being able to load local html files by installing apache (in under Network) and putting the html files from GSAK into the doc root for apache. Then I just setup a Mobile Safari bookmark to point to to browse the files

Greg said...

That sounds halfway decent, although I'll admit I don't quite understand how to install apache (maybe that option is only available on ipod touch or "hacked" iphones).

Another option I've seen is, but so far it really sucks - it is quite slow and doesn't offer any good way to navigate a list of caches.

Linux Monkey said...

Yes, you have to jailbreak the iPod Touch / iPhone to install apache.

Yamhsoj said...


Bare bones but loads fast on my iPhone, and is less likely to choke when the connection is weak.

eLKa said...

You do not need Apache, you can just install 1.1.3/4 Safari Patch to have file:// working (for example file:///tmp/html/geocaching.html)

Patch is here and info is here

don said...

You might want to check out for a good iPhone geocaching app.

shulet said...


I wrote an iPhone wrapper around It's perfect for looking up caches on the go. Check it out and let me know what you think:


Brian said...

I like the wrapper. It looks a lot better and is easier to work with, but there's no greater functionality. That's not your fault though. It would be nice to see something optimized for the iPhone. Browsing around static wap text pages just isn't the same.

Greg said...

I got an opportunity to beta test the new release of the official Geocaching app for the iPhone and put a post up about it here.