Aug 27, 2007

Flight from Palo Alto to Clear Lake

One of my colleagues from work, Radu Popovici, recently got his private pilot's license. This weekend, we (radu, myself and 2 others) hopped in a rented Cherokee Piper and took a flight from Palo Alto to Clear Lake. The flight was only about an hour and a half one-way and was quite delightful.

We spent the afternoon renting a Wave Runner and hanging out before flying back and landing back in Palo Alto right before darkness set in. I took some photos along the way and added them to Picasa marking the photos in the relatively new maps interface. This is really the perfect application as you can see progress as you move along the journey. Makes me want to get a GPS hotshoe attachment for the camera so that I don't have to eyeball the pos

Aug 9, 2007

GeoCaching with a Dell Axim X5

One of my most popular blog posts via search referrals has been my post Geocaching with a Garmin Nuvi. I just updated it a little bit with more detailed information, but I thought since so many people are looking for information, I'd give out another small secret to my geocaching. A long time ago, I bought a Dell Axim X5 Palm Computer thinking that it would be fun to play with. It was pretty boring in reality, so I never used it. It sat around unused for several years. Then geocaching came along and I found a new use for the device. But wait, before you say - "I don't have an Axim X5, this isn't for me", allow me to point out that these devices are ancient and ebay is selling them for as low as $25 for a great condition used one with a minimal amount of bargain shopping effort. Additionally, what I'm going to tell you about works with any Pocket PC device.

If you have an Axim, install this great free software for geocaching called GpxView. It requires Pocket PC or later.
  1. Download yourself a .gpx file as described in my Geocaching with a Garmin Nuvi blog post,
  2. Copy that file over to your Pocket PC.
  3. Install GpxView and have it load the gpx file.
Wala. The entire geocaching page on hundreds of geocaches at your fingertips. This includes the description, hint, bugs, and most recent comments. You are off to the races.