Jun 20, 2008

107813400 - You possess a stolen GPS unit.

If by some random chance you typed in the serial number of a GPS unit you bought used on eBay or in a pawn shop into Google and this page comes up, you have my GPS unit (Serial #107813400 -Garmin Nuvi 350). I don't want it back - you seriously keep it, but I do really want to know where you bought it from.

I want to catch whomever smashed my wife's car window making me pay for not only a new GPS and mount, but also a new car window. And since there have been several GPS thefts from my apartment complex as of late, I want to prevent this guy from doing it again.

Update: September 2010
Probably due to the good search rankings this post gets, for example searching for [stolen gps], a number of people have added comments with their own experiences and a few more serial numbers. I'll add them here for better search visibility, although I don't intend to keep this updated often: 1C0462207, 1Q163077, 76902542, 1Q6051977.

One user, KarenR, mentioned in the comments that Garmin will let you register the serial number with them and if they ever get it in for service or a map update, they will not perform the service and will send the customer information "over to someone for further action.", presumably law enforcement. Your mileage may vary.


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I don't have the unit, but I also had a Garmin Nuvi stolen. It seems that Garmin won't list your GPS as stolen unless you send them a police report.

I was under the impression that they noted stolen units, but this appears to be wrong. I have been corresponding with a Mike L in their Software support group. This is the gibberish they sent me:

I have looked into the situation and there was a not in your account but the units can not be flagged as stolen with out a police report.
I do appollogies once again for your frustration but do to licensing agreements that we have with the Mapping company NAVTEQ once the maps are unlock to the GPS it belongs to that GPS only no matter what happens to the unit. This can be if the unit is sold or if it is stolen the maps are tied to that GPS. This is why we need a copy of the report so we may change this in our system.

What BS.

Don't buy Garmin.

Greg said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say "dont buy a garmin". I never thought to tell garmin it was stolen. But I guess if someone updates the maps, maybe garmin will know who bought the update for that unit? It might be worth me sending the police report (we did file one) to garmin.

Thais B.B. Martinelli said...

My Nuvi 205 Garmin GPS unit, with cigarette adapter and wind shield holder were stolen out of my vehicle on 08/08/09 between 10:30am and 12:45 pm from the parking lot at 11044 Research Blvd. – 78759 - Austin – Tx (North Austin).

The stolen GPS serial number is 1C0462207 and I already filed the report.

I have been searching around ebay, craigslist, and local pawnshops for any leads. Today, (08/10/09) I found my exactly model on craigslist posting as follows bellow:

GARMIN Nuvi 205 (3.5") GPS Aug 8, 2009 ... GARMIN Nuvi 205 (3.5") GPS - $80 (North Austin) ... Location: North Austin; it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other ...

However, when I clicked on that, it says deleted by the author.

The only thing I have is the CL listing number (austin.craigslist.org/ele/1313328466.html) and the GPS serial number 1C0462207.

Any ideas about how I may recover the GPS would be appreciated.

msad said...

I had my Garmin Nuvi 255w stolen from my car along with 5 passports for my kids. I do not want the GPS but I do need the passports. the serial number is 1Q163077.
I do have a police report and was stolen in Orlando, FL.
please email me on mdoheiman@gmail.com

Larry said...

Same story here. Garmin etrex cx stolen from a car in East Boston, MA. Serial Number 76902542. Email: larry.raymond@gmail.com

Event Horizon Sites said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

On our site http://www.stolen-property.com/ we have seen an extreme rise of GPS thefts over time.

You can report a stolen GPS unit in our free database. Users can search the database as well for free.

usm said...

my Magellan was stolen in Long Beach last month, please take GPS with you whenever you leave your car, or GPS makers don't help you to recover, STOLEN is seen as SELLING from their perspective, don't trust them. Their BS is the same. my common sense is GPS is a tracking device but those mfg don't use it that functionally. Good luck

KarenR said...

Product name: Garmin nuvi® 255W
Registration date: Jun 4, 2010 Serial number: 1Q6051977
Unit Id: 3589572927

I did report this to Garmin and this was their reply to my registered unit

Yes they will not be able to do any kind of update to that unit. Since I have placed a note in the account, If someone
where to call with that unit we would forward that over to someone for further action.

Greg said...

KarenR, that's definitely good to know.

Roger said...

My nüvi® 255 Serial number: 1BV352623 was stolen Nov 25, 2010 from my car, along with Persol 2833 sunglasses and Ryobi battery drill & circular saw combo + recharger. Walnut Creek, CA.
If you happen to be the receiver of these mundane items, I'll gladly give you a $75 reward. That's about what they're worth.
e-mail pioneer64reunion@gmail.com

neo said...

Product name: nüvi® 765T

Registration date: Jul 28, 2009

Serial number: 1AG038519

Unit Id: 3538240035

Greg Grothaus said...

Just ran across this little gem. In case anyone ends up with a stolen digital camera instead of a stolen GPS, give this a try:


ww said...

GARMIN nuvi 1450 LMT serial Number
23f551393 peel police report 11 Division Mississauga Ontario Canada
return to police

rhonda paul said...

This is terrible! Why doesn't Garmin do the right thing to help us all control the theft situation?

rhonda paul said...

What would the cost be for the GPS makers to do their customers right by establishing an effective theft control procedure? Things like this are important to us all & the technology is obviously there!

Greg said...

I had a nuvi 50 stolen here 2 weeks ago. I reported it t garmin they s aid they made a note of it in my account. If you registered it they won't be able to update the maps. they made me think if they did update that they could be caught

Greg said...

I had a garmin nuvi 50 stolen about 2 weeks ago. I reported it to garmin along with a serial number. they said since it was registered that if someone did try to update the maps they wouldn't be able to. I don't know if they can be caught but they did note in my file it was stolen. So maybe

js said...

Stolen in Hamburg, Germany
GARMIN nüvi 1690
S/N 1SV025381
Unit Id:3728170208
Produkt Key: 6RZQU6S4

hissexyflgirl said...

Stolen in Galveston TX today around 3:30am. Gamin nuvi 1450LMT
SERIAL # 2KA085760

Return to Galveston police Dept

kevin millar said...

You ppl are nuts. Obviously take your gadgets with you when you leave your car. The technology is not there. GPS is a free service. If they wanted to track it realtime it would cost mega $$$.

Luis Freitas said...

nuvi 66LM with serial 3DC005802 stolen in Toronto Canada