May 27, 2009

Backpacking the Lost Coast

This monday was memorial day in the US meaning a 3-day weekend.  My friend, Jeremy Shapiro, organized a backpacking trip on California's Lost Coast trail.  He tricked convinced me to come along for the trip.

Here is an embedded map of our 3 days showing each day's trail with a different color:

View Lost Coast Trail in a larger map

It's a great trail if you are ever looking for a backpacking trip. It's ~25 miles and completely flat but still rough terrain. Much of the time you are walking directly on the beach sand or hopping across boulders. You have to carry a tide table because parts of the trail are only passable at low tide. And lastly, since there are bears, you are legally required to haul around a heavy/bulky bear canister which prevents bears from eating your food even if they do get it. However, for your efforts, you get to hike along almost completely undisturbed coast for 3 days. The trail has almost no structures, definitely no roads, and is pretty isolated. At many times I felt like our group was the only one around, even though it was a pretty popular time to hike the trail. The best campsite areas were a bit full, but since it was BLM land you could camp anywhere you pleased and even rarer for CA - you could have campfires. As for wildlife, I saw several deer (one with fawn), seals (up close), sea lions, octopus (washed up), tidepool life, pelicans (hundreds), and other fun stuff. No bears sadly.

Here is a photo of our small crew. Click the image to be taken to a facebook photo gallery of the trip.