May 31, 2009

Tennessee Cove Trail

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Today Cristin and I took a short hike on a little known trail up in the Marin Headlands called Tennessee Cove. I had never been to this area of the park, and it was nice to explore somewhere new so close to home. This hike is 1.9 miles one-way, almost perfectly flat with only about 200ft of elevation change and is paved half-way. A little after the trail branches off the paved trail, it splits into two trails for about a mile. One completely flat walking trail through the marsh and the other a dirt road with small elevation changes that is appropriate for an easy bike ride. Both trails end up at a small cove on the ocean just north of the golden gate bridge. You can't see the bridge from the beach, but it's still a nice view. Here is a photo looking down the beach:

There are also several side-trails with lots of elevation climbing over the headlands for the more adventurous.

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Troy said...

I am sure it will be great to camp out there at Tennessee Cove. Waking up in the morning and seeing that beach from your tent will be a nice treat.