Aug 12, 2009

Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues

Earlier this morning I gave a talk at SES San Jose on Duplicate Content and Multiple Site Issues. For those who couldn't make it to the conference or just want a copy of the slides I'm embedding them here:

Keep an eye on the Google Webmaster Youtube Channel. I going to try to see if I can record the presentation and have it up there as well for anyone who missed it.

Update (09/17/2009):

The re-recorded video is now up:

As well as a interview with Mike McDonald of WebProNews:


Suzie Heumann said...

I've always wondered why Google doesn't 'date' the first time any content appears so that the original, often copyrighted, material is given proper assignment to the site it came from to start. Seems like it would be an easy task but it hasn't happened.
I know that content is going to continue to go 'free' but most of us still have attachments to what we write and produce! It's going to take awhile to get used to this new world view.

Greg said...

One of the interesting issues in this problem is that Google doesn't know the first time the content appears. At best, we only know the first page we crawled the content on. It is entirely plausible that we crawl the original content after the copycat.

Denis said...

Hi Greg,

I just went through your presentation, I just have a short question:

When I have more than one domain pointing to the same webpage ( e.g, and ) do I have to care/worry about having duplicate content?



Greg said...

Hi Denis,

Generally you have the same concerns as were outlined on the second to last page of the presentation. You don't have to care/worry, but you might want to - by having only one URL with your content, you could end up with better link popularity instead of having your links split amongst different versions.

Joe G said...

I was late to see this, but I really like it. It's pretty common knowledge to SEO's that /index.html and / without the index page can be treated differently, but I haven't see it verified by a Googler - so thanks a ton for this.

Is there anyway I can get this PPT in digital format? It's a nice piece to have on tap.


Greg said...

Joe, the presentation wasn't created in PowerPoint, but google docs can export to powerpoint if you want. First, make the slides full page - there is a little icon to the right of the test "Slide 1 / 16" that will do that. Then on the bottom, click "Actions" and "Export as PPT".

Joe G said...

Great thanks Greg.