Dec 8, 2009

Favorite Google Doodle: A fun chrome extension

Google announced extensions for Chrome Web Browser today, a much awaited feature for many. Go try out a few. If you are looking for recommendations, one quirky fun little extension that I would recommend is the Favorite Google Doodle Extension. It lets you select your favorite Google Doodle logo from Google's doodling history and set it as the logo for your Google search page whenever Google isn't running a special logo for that day:

Unfortunately, today isn't the best day since Google is actually running a special logo today celebrating the cartoonist E.C. Sagar, the man behind Popeye the Sailor.  However, if you install and choose a logo today, you'll see it on the search results page, and likely tomorrow (depending on whether or not there is a special logo running then too).  I've set might to be this fancy scientific logo for now.  I found some other of my favorites too:

I will admit that I'm undeniably biased as a friend of mine actually wrote this extension.  If you like it, don't forget to rate it too.

1 comment:

skareagle said...

I tried to make a similar CrX. Instead of making the doodle available on Google site, I tried to make a (random) doodle as the background object each time a new tab is opened. Unfortunately, Chrome doesn't allow scripting the new tab (for obvious security reasons). An alternative would have been to pack certain images and pack them. But that would be lame.

However, this Crx is nice :)