Sep 30, 2010 URL Shortener

Friends and coworkers of mine just launched, an URL Shortener run on Google Infrastructure.

To me, stability is the biggest selling point of over alternatives - it's run by a company that isn't likely to disappear next year and is known for having some of the most scalable systems in the world. I know the team has worked hard on making this as scalable and reliable as most anything at Google, including search. I think it's safe to say links are any one's best bet as far as future-proofing your shortened URLs. Also, because of Google's obsession with end-user speed, this is likely the fastest URL shortener you are going to ever find. You don't have to take my word from it, see this post from TechCrunch a few months ago that shows as the fastest and most reliable from two different third-party analyses.

Reliability, Greener is Better

Speed, Smaller is Better

Of course, I'm the first one to admit that I'm disappointed that we even need URL Shorteners, but if you assume that you indeed do, this is a great choice.

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Greg said...

Sorry about the images being a little too large - if I shrink them down, it's hard to read the row headings.

I should consider going back to my old not-fixed-width format.