Mar 20, 2010

Bay Area Weekending

I've recently found myself telling a few people about how I found out about interesting thing X or Y to do in the CA bay area.  It occurred to me that this might be a good topic for a blog post.  If you always are looking for things to do, perhaps this might give you a few ideas.

Weekend Sherpa: Every thursday, the weekend sherpa publishes a newsletter of recommendations of outdoor trips to do in Northern California.  I find the site is amazingly well curated, much more so than even similar magazines I've perused on grocery store shelves.  For example, this post "Land of the Giants" recently inspired me to take off to Sequoia for the weekend and try my hand at snowshoeing.

Bay Area Hiker: The best single source of information I've found about great hikes in the bay area, primarily day hikes.  There are tons of other great websites to look at too, this one just has alot of hikes in one place.  Each hike has detailed description including photos, recommendations for time of year, and directions.

Point Reyes: This is the furthest west chunk of coastline in the area, making it a habitat for a variety of sea wildlife that you don't see as much elsewhere.  Sea birds coming in to lay eggs, sea lions, etc.  The peak whale watching season is just beginning now and this is the only place I know where you can see them without getting on a boat, useful if you get seasick like I do.  It's also just an extremely pretty chunk of land.  It's probably the largest park of this sort within driving distance with so many options for things to do.  Tip: An excellent place to stop for grub along the drive is the Coast Cafe in Bolinas.

Planet Granite: Not cheap, but if you ever wanted to try rock climbing, this may be one of the best indoor climbing gyms in the country.  I've been to about half a dozen different climbing gyms, so I can't personally compare, but I've heard from other folks that the Sunnyvale and SF gyms are really top notch.  I wouldn't recommend the Belmont location though.  This place rocks.  I get a few free guest passes if anyone wants to give it a whirl.

I guess you can tell fairly easily what kinds of things I like to do on weekends.  Any other good suggestions I should be trying?