Jul 7, 2013

Solar, with some live data

As a follow up to my previous post, Residential Solar Financials, we've now had our solar set up long enough now to get some meaningful data from PG&E:

The panels were installed in late May, but PG&E didn't come out and set up net metering until early July. Until PG&E came out, any extra power being generated was being put back on the grid as a freebie.

Here's the day to day net for June from PG&E. The end of the month was pretty hot and the A/C was getting some real use.

Here's an example daily snapshot. Each bar represents power consumption for 15 minutes. A/C got some use in the evening to cool down the house. You can see a nice curve from the solar output with some chunks missing where we had a load running.
Scan from our electricity bill for June. The different bars represent the 3 different time-of-day rates. We don't generate much power in the off-peak rate as most of this is night-time. We banked $32 of energy credits for the winter! Last year we had to pay about $100 for June, so this is a big difference.
In total so far, we're averaging around 20.6 kWh/day of generation, which is actually a little bit higher than predicted.

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